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Natural and monofibre hair extensions in our salon at Surrey

We provide natural hair extensions to give you that new look to envy. 
At Deb 'n' Hair we offer real natural hair and techniques employed by Racoon International, used by superstars and celebrities. The benefit to you is that texture and colour can be perfectly matched to your own hair to enhance length, body and style. Other colour can also be added resulting in limitless styling possibilities.

We also offer Dome Monofibre extensions for another dimension in hair styling, giving you that ultimate look with natural looking extensions with colour that never fades.

If you are in Worcester Park, Sutton, Kingston, Epsom or the surrounding areas, contact us today to book an appointment.

Natural hair extensions

Natural hair extensions

Bonded natural hair extensions from Racoon International.
Dome monofibre extensions

Dome monofibre extensions

Bonded monofibre hair extensions offer extensive colouring options.
Hair extensions services:

Racoon Natural Hair Extensions (prices from - dependent on hair type and length)
• Full head - £500
• Half head - £300
• Special effects from - £170

Dome Monofibre Extensions (prices from)
• Full head - £400
• Half head - £200
• Special effects from - £80

And Debbie Gibson is a Senior State Registered Hairdresser and also a member of the National Hairdressing Federation.
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For stunning hair extensions, call Deb 'n' Hair on 
020 8330 2525

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